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The tradition of telling ghost stories on Christmas Eve is one that many no longer practice. Perhaps it isn’t something you, your family or your friends believe in … But do you read or watch Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol during the holiday season?

For me, this truly captures the Christmas Spirit … and opens the door for telling other delightful ghost stories …

We Will Be Offering Many Christmas Eve Ghost Stories

We also ask you to contribute your Christmas Eve Ghost Stories … Just contact me:  admin@christmasgoround.com

Welcome To My Christmas Eve Ghost Stories Blog

This is where we keep the Spirit of Christmas alive throughout the year. Visit often and be sure to tell your family and friends.

A New Home For Christmas

Carol and Kyle have been house hunting since he got his new job.It had been a couple of months and Kyle was tired of staying in a motel and away from his family.Carol and the kids were alreadooy packed and ready to move. The school had been notified of...

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Things Get Physical In The Haunted Eleanor Forest

A Group Of Ghost Hunting Friends Go Out In A Haunted Forest In The Dead Of Winter ... This is going to be a bit interesting to tell a story and also have a video and not wanting to give away some of the physical events that happened that night ... This forest was...

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Ghost Adventures Scary Video

This is a video you and your family and guests may enjoy on Christmas Eve. The Dybbuk Box and Robert the Doll are both haunted items I find to be chillingly scary. Haunted items are intriguing ... but one does need to be careful and not scoff or make fun of such...

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Ghostly Christmas Guests

Sarah loved Christmas and more importantly being able to see the spirits of her grandparents, great-aunts and uncles and many others who came to the Grandfather's old house in the woods. Sarah inherited the old house after her grandfather's death -- when she was in...

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A Personal Christmas Eve Ghost Story

My grandmother loved going to estate sales. She loved antiques and also getting bargains. She took me with her along with my mother to choose an amiore she wanted to buy for her sister. I remember being quite bored — there were no toys, just lots and lots of...

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The Christmas Spirit Is Alive And Well

I was researching information on YouTube for my new website and discovered one woman I was following had recently moved to New Orleans and was experiencing paranormal activity. She was having difficulty with lights turning on and off. One of her French doors opened --...

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Christmas Eve Scare

This is one of my favorites that my family loves to hear me tell year after year. It was Christmas Eve and two young women closed up the diner. One of the women rode her bicycle to work, the other took the bus . . . but that cold snowy and windy night, Louise missed...

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Christmas Eve In A Haunted Mansion

I’ve been watching a series on Amazon Prime this past week which got me thinking about solving old mysteries . . .  And, of course, an old ghost story that took place on Christmas Eve . . . or perhaps the wee hours of Christmas Day . . . Well, this story begins when...

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A Real Christmas Spirit

I’m truly excited and delighted that I've changed  ChristmasGoRound.com to be a place where I can share Christmas Ghost Stories. We love to hear of Christmas Miracles around the holidays ... and when they include a real Christmas Spirit, I'm beside myself with...

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Working On Christmas Eve

Ghost Stores and Christmas Eve do seem to go together — An old-time Christmas Tradition. It does seem that when people do gather together, stories of ghosts or paranormal experiences are shared . . . and why not on Christmas Eve? I personally find the most scary ghost...

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A Christmas Eve Tradition

All about the “Dead of Winter” . . .I do enjoy a good ghost story . . . Charles Dickens’ famous A Christmas Carol is one of my favorites.Way back . . . way, way, way back . . . before A Christmas Carol . . . Christmas wasn’t even a holiday . . . There wasn’t the...

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