To Many, Christmas Is That Magical Time Of Year

For others, maybe not so much . . .

“The city centre was still crawling with Christmas shoppers looking to add to their already burgeoning piles of gifts. To Scott they were like ants at a picnic, teeming from store to store, trailing oversized carrier bags and infants behind them as they went. Scott felt alien in this environment; pulling up his hood he hurried through the crowds, dodging pushchairs, lit cigarettes and charity collection tins.”
― R.D. Ronald, The Elephant Tree

This Quote Reminded Me Of Something I Wrote Years Ago

It was a personal observation of the Christmas Rush going on at the local mall. I could feel the excitment in the air — it enveloped me with a warm almost spiritual glow. I had my list of presents to buy, but I was having no luck finding the right gift for everyone on my list.

I felt myself being taken along with the crowd, going into stores I’d never considered as having an appropriate gift for one of my loved ones.

As in the quote above, “the alien feeling” was present. Yet, I didn’t leave. I allowed the ebb and flow of the crowd to direct my route. I was enjoying this mis-adventure I stumbled upon. It turned out to be a joyous Christmas — everyone seemed to truly love the presents I bought them. I had a better appreciation for Christmas and the act of giving.

As for the quote . . . I’m unfamiliar with The Elephant Tree by R. D. Ronald except that it’s a crime drama. I was drawn to the quote because it was an observation of the Christmas Season . . . We’re either embracing it or fighting our way out of it. I’ve felt torn myself . . . Are we “ants at a picnic”?

The ants seem to have a purpose . . . and so do we . . . but why? For the ants its survival . . . Is that true for us? Has the Christmas season and the giving of gifts gotten so out of hand that our survival as remaining in the family graces is at stake? Has it become a burden . . . One that’s dreaded each year?

Where’s the joy . . . the magic . . . that Christmas Spirit?

It’s there . . . deep inside. That moment when you have time to yourself and are able to reflect upon the joyous Christmas celebrations you’ve shared with family and friends over the years. You remember . . . you feel it . . . You are the Christmas Spirit!

Too Often We Get Caught Up In The World Events And Lose Sight Of What Is Truly Important

It’s what we do each and every day that makes a difference in our lives. The world will have its conflicts, as will the various political figures . . . We do what we can to live in harmony with all around us . . . nature, people we see, but don’t know, friends, family . . . We give kindness . . . we are pleasant and thoughtful. We don’t push ahead, we wait our turn. We give others their space as they give us ours. 

We see the good in others . . . hopefully, they’ll see the good in us . . . 

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