When I Think Of Christmas I Think Of The Christmas Movies, The Christmas Carols, The Poem ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas . . . Christmas Cookies, Christmas Trees With An Electric Train Running Round And Round . . .

It’s all about Family and Friends gathering to share in the festivities of food and friendship and companionship . . . A Sense of belonging . . . A feeling of Good Will Towards All . . . It’s a Good Feeling . . . A Joyous Feeling . . .

This is a fun Trivia Quiz. It is difficult. It may be good to play in teams . . . Or see how many you can get on your own . . . It’s all up to you!! Have fun and enjoy!!

There are 30 questions!!! Are you ready?

I Hope You Enjoyed The Christmas Trivia Quiz

I did, even though I didn’t get all the questions correct — some stumped me . . . But that was the whole idea — learn more about Christmas — The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!!

There are some Christmas Movies I’m going to have to watch . . . Some for the first time . . . And others again, just for fun. Elf wasn’t high on my “to watch” list when it first came out and was popular . . . I must have been in my Bah Humbug!! Phase at that time. Hey!! It happens!!!

I’ll post the second installment at a later date — you’re free to watch it at any time . . . You may already have!!! Good for you!!! I just had enough Trivia . . . So I can wait!!

I do thank you for stopping by!! I hope this Christmas Trivia Quiz was enjoyable and helpful . . . Informative . . . Entertaining . . .