Hi, I’m Sharon. Welcome To My ChristmasGoRound Blog

As you can tell from the two logo images that ChristmasGoRound has been around before — I believe it may have been 2015. I do recall that around that time I was juggling 6 websites. Obviously, something had to give . . . Actually, over the last few years, only one of the original 6 websites is still up and running. The others are gone never to return. Not so with ChristmasGoRound. My thoughts about a Christmas website have changed from my original plans. I do have a goal — before December 25, 2022, I’ll have 100 Christmas Cookie Recipes published on this website. It is only a matter of time to tell whether that goal is achieved . . . or not.

I was truly excited and pleased to come across my original logo design for this website. It is Christmas . . . My new concept is one of life . . . running in circles . . . life’s ups and downs . . . I do like the concept of a carousel horse, evidently it is no longer confined to the carousel, but set out to pasture . . . Receiving a new perspective . . . Not unlike what I’ve been experiencing as I began rebuilding ChristmasGoRound — Where It’s Christmas All Year Round.

Comparing the two logo designs, I’m reminded of something my mother would say when she received a Christmas card from my dad’s brother — “Why does he always choose cards of the desert? It’s not like Christmas at all.” My mother would have preferred my original logo over my carousel horse. Perhaps I should change the background to a snow covered field . . . Or allow it to be as it is. Not everyone has the same concept or experiences regarding the Christmas or Holiday Season. We live in different areas — some places don’t experience snow . . . their Holiday Season is during the summer, not the winter.  . . . They’re spending time at the beach while others are all bundled up. Life is decidedly fluid . . . As are our thoughts and feeling about Christmas.

Christmas Is Truly A Magical Time Of Year

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to keep that magical feeling flowing throughout the year! That is truly my goal.

This website is basically where it’s Christmas All Year Round.

The focus is Christmas — essentially my concept of the holiday with some ghost stories — an old tradition I’d like to bring back. And I’d like to delve into other traditions and trivia I have found interesting and hopefully entertaining for you.

Of course, let’s not forget my goal to post 100 Christmas Cookie Recipes before December 25, 2022. I may be a bit behind schedule and will be doubling up here for awhile. I’ll also be adding other things of interest — haven’t thought of them yet . . . but I’m sure something will come to mind . . . hopefully . . .

Thank you for stopping by and if you like what you see, I’d greatly appreciate it if you would tell your friends and family about ChristmasGoRound.com