Hi, I’m Sharon!! And in the picture I’m holding my precious Yorkshire Terrier, Diva. She is a whole 2 1/2 pounds of pure love. 

I live in Southern California. I am a native Californian — I thoroughly enjoy our weather . . . except the hot, hot, hot days of summer . . . If I focus on Christmas throughout the year, I won’t even notice those summer months. I’ll spend my time listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies. That is truly the good life.

I love cookies — especially the homemade ones fresh out of the oven . . . It is my goal to post 100 Christmas Cookie Recipes before or by Christmas, 2022. I don’t know if it is possible for me to do so . . . It’s a goal to see how close I get to achieving it. I really hope I do — 100 Christmas Cookie Recipes would really be something!!

Well, I better run . . . I’m in the process of building this website . . . It is a work in progress . . .

Thanks for stopping by!