Most Of My Friends And Family Are Amazon Prime Members

I enjoy the free shipping!!! That is truly worth the membership, depending upon how much shopping you do. For me, it is truly a blessing. Plus I enjoy Prime Video — Plus there are daily deals . . . Lots of savings available to you. Yes, I’m completely sold on Amazon Prime. (If the image to the left isn’t clickable I have another one in the footer you can click.)

I Mentioned Prime Video Above — I’ve Enjoyed Many Hours Of Viewing Pleasure

There are Amazon Originals — Movies and Series. I’ve also binge watched series of programs I missed in previous years. It’s nice to have a variety of programs available to enjoy. 

The great thing is that there are programs available for the whole family — young and old. You can have a family night. Prime Video is my “go to” . . . I don’t watch television.

One new series that recently aired — An Amazon Original is Upload Season 2 — I rewatched Season 1 to be up-to-date for the new season. That’s what’s really cool about Amazon Prime — different seasons are available at your fingertips.

I saw an ad about Back To The Rafters — An Amazon Original . . . But I had never watched Packed To The Rafters — So I watched the series before the Amazon Original came out. It was good to know who was who instead of trying to catch up or figure it out.

Here Are A Few Titles You May Recognize — They’re Available Now On Prime Video

(Sorry, the images aren’t clickable.)

I Enjoy Shopping On-Line And Getting My Orders Delivered To My Front Door

Yes, I am spoiled. It is nice shopping in the comfort of your own home — in your pajamas and barefoot . . . Not only do you receive your orders delivered to your front door, but you don’t have to pay shipping!! That is truly lovely!!

For me, I’m really saving time. No traffic. No parking hassels. No going from store to store looking for items. I’m focused on all the pluses . . . I’m sure there are some minuses . . . It all depends upon your priorities. Some of you love to shop. Sometimes I do. It depends upon what I’m looking to buy. I’m sure the same is true for you. I’ve just been disappointed when I finally find what I want at a store to be told that I’ll have to order it — I was planning on taking it home . . . Sometimes things just don’t work out as planned. 

I suppose things work out as they need to . . . I’ve been very pleased with my Amazon purchases. I usually get them within a day or two — on rare occasions I may need to wait a week . . . but that’s fine with me. I’m not a “I have to have it now” type of person. I also try to plan ahead — I’ve learned a hard lesson trying to buy a gift for someone at the absolute last minute . . . It usually doesn’t work out. So, we have Amazon and other great on-line stores who deliver stuff to us!!

I do hope, if you don’t have Amazon Prime that you’ll look into it.

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