Made From Brass, Leather And Copper

This would made a wonderful gift for the adventurer in your life. A sundial and compass would truly come in handy while you’re out and about in the woods or forest. Even going about town — sometimes we make a wrong turn . . . and where are we? I love old stuff!! It could be new, but it is the concept of what isn’t used any more, but still has a value. Plus it is so beautiful!! 

Since Watching Warehouse 13, I Have A Greater Appreciation For These Types Of Treasures

I’ve always liked old stuff — I could spend hours rummaging around an attic or basement . . . The concept of an old relic made new is quite a wonderful and amazing thing.

The Sundial is made of Premium Grade Brass and Copper. The Sun Dial comes with a Leather Gift Box.

The dimensions of the Brass Sundial are : 3.54 x 3.54 x 1.38 inches; & the weight of the sun watch is 0.280 kg (0.594 Pounds).

Beautifully crafted solid brass pocket sundial compass with high quality polished finish on Brass & Natural Finish on Copper. The portable design makes it convenient to carry.

Nautical collectors, enthusiasts, and seafarer alike will love this stunning brass Sundial Compass. Is would make the perfect present. This Sundial Compass is a gleaming recreation of the classic antique compass that have guided sailors since the 1100s


In a broader sense, a sundial is any device that uses the Sun’s altitude or azimuth (or both) to show the time. In addition to their time-telling function, sundials are valued as decorative objects, literary metaphors, and objects of mathematical study.

I believe that sums it up quite nicely!! This would make a lovely gift not only for those who enjoy the sea, but for those into literary metaphore and those objects of a mathematical nature. Or they just love old looking shiny objects that have a function!

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