ChristmasGoRound Is My New Blog

Years ago I purchased this domain name and started a blog. I also set up a few other ones . . . and eventually I stopped adding content to this one and focused on the others.

I currently have three other blogs. They are doing fine. I do enjoy adding content to them regularly. And I realized that I do have the time to devote to another website — Since I like the name Christmas Go Round, I’m giving it another try . . . There is something refreshing about having the Christmas Spirit throughout the year. Also shopping regularly instead of at the last minute for family and friends.

I do have a goal . . . perhaps I shouldn’t spill the beans here . . . oh well, my goal is to post 100 Christmas Cookie Recipes by Christmas, 2022 . . . I wonder if I can do it . . . Feel free to send me your favorite Christmas Cookie Recipe with a picture — I’ll be sure to give you credit for it!!


When I Decided To Build This Website, Thoughts Of Carousel Horses Came To Mind


Christmas Go Round and Merry-Go-Round do seem to go together nicely . . . And during the Christmas season we may feel as though we are on a merry-go-round . . . hoping and praying we’ll get everything done . . . What’s great about this website is that I’ll always be thinking about Christmas . . . buying gifts throughout the year and various decorations. Thinking and planning are major steps in getting things accomplished.

Why Is The Rocking Horse Associated With Christmas?

I suppose it is quite a leap from carousel horses and merry-go-rounds to rocking horses . . . I just remembered hearing how the rocking horse was associated with Christmas . . . Since this is a Christmas Blog . . . I want to explore as much as possible about Christmas — even folklore and such . . . I thought it might be of interest to you.

As far as I’ve researched, back in 1837, when 18 year old Victoria became Queen of England the pagan practice of Christmas was banned. When she married her first cousin Albert of Germany, he brought with him his beloved Christmas practices and customs. As the holiday festivities grew more and more popular, good food, Christmas trees, decorating the home and the exchanging of gifts — especially toys for the children took root. At the time the most popular gift was the rocking horse.

Why the rocking horse, you may be wondering . . . It was a way for young boys especially to emulate their fathers who rode horses. The earliest of these toy riding horses was a plain hobby horse with a crudely carved head stuck on a stick. Some had a wheel at the end. It was this wheeled hobby horse along with the rocking cradle which initially began this rocking horse tradition.

By 1877, there were eleven different rocking horse manufacturers. These wooden equines soon became a staple in nurseries throughout the land in various shapes and forms. Some were quite elaborate with glass eyes, real manes and tails and real leather saddles and bridles.

Surprisingly, rocking horses are still popular today. I don’t remember having a rocking horse, but I did have a horse head stuck on a stick — no, I didn’t have a wheel at the end of mine. I do remember riding that thing all over the yard . . . It was fun until I outgrew it or got my tricycle . . .

Thanks for stopping by! I hope this was informative and interesting. Something you can share with friends.