It’s Always Nice To Have A Jigsaw Puzzle Out For Others To Enjoy During The Holidays

I view jigsaw puzzles as a family project — especially one with 1000 pieces. It is for adults, but with help and encouragement, it can be a fun family activity. The subject matter with Santa, a Christmas tree and toys all around — kids would definitely gravitate to it.

It’s designed by Bigelow Illustrations. Each puzzle piece is made from recycled cardboard. The puzzle measures 20″ x 27″ when completed. Each piece is die-cut with no two pieces alike. I suppose that would make it quite challenging . . . but in the past I never checked that out . . . I was grouping pieces according to color and edges, etc. I suppose everyone has their technique.

Here Are A Few Puzzles You May Enjoy

Jigsaw Puzzles are a fun way to wait for that delicious Christmas Dinner. You can also have interesting conversations with relatives you don’t know very well. This could be a wonderful conversation piece or an ice breaker. One never knows what one can learn while putting together a jigsaw puzzle.

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