I Do Get Hooked On Series I Can Access On Prime Video

There are 5 seasons. I’m in Season 2 — well just about finished with it and will be starting Season 3 — if all continues going well. I do like the characters. There is a lot of action . . . and personal drama . . . The is danger and there is a resolution. I do enjoy series where the story lines are interesting and hold my interest and I like getting to know the different characters — not unike reading a good book.

Did You Like The Trailer?

I was hooked watching the Pilot Episode of Season 1. This series has relatable characters. It stars:  Piper Perabo, Christopher GorhamPeter Gallagher, Kari Matchett among others. I watch my Prime Videos on my laptop. It works for me.

Now, for the actors, I’m not really a movie buff who follows the careers of the famous. I just like what I like and when they get a cast that works well together and gives me a good feeling that they work well together and have formed a bond in the series — then I’m going to watch it and get hooked on the series. 

As far as I can tell about this series and the different characters, it is very much like real life. We have those who will do whatever it takes to get ahead — even at the expense of getting along with co-workers. There are friendships that are formed . . . Lines at times get fuzzy . . . But it all works out in the end.

I like the series and will probably follow it through all 5 seasons . . . unless something stupid happens and I don’t want to watch it any longer. 

So far, I’m enjoying it . . . Let me know your thoughts. Thanks for stopping by!