iDventure Cluebox Escape Room In A  Box

I love these wood brainteaser puzzles. This one is especially challenging for ages 14 years and up. It’s the Davy Jones Locker Escape Room. If you’re familiar with the legend of Davy Jones, you’ll recall the “sea devil” (Davy Jones) locked the souls of dead sailors in a wooden box. The question is: Will you be able to solve the mystery secret of the puzzle box?

A Puzzle Of 52 Individual Parts

 As a reward for solving the interactive game box, there is a special surprise. You can immortalise yourself on iDventures Wall of Fame if you solved the puzzles of the room in a box.

The brain game kit consisting of 52 individual parts, lasts 45-60 minutes. After you have solved the wooden puzzle, you can simply reassemble the puzzle box & play again.

Although this wood puzzle game is challenging — If you get stuck, you can get help from a website. You’ll find the web address in the brain game instructions. 

The Escape Room Box & Puzzle Box are wonderfully original gifts for puzzle lovers. The mystery box is a special escape room in a box and can also be used as gift packaging.

Excellent craftmanship!! I absolutely love the look of the box — Once you solve the puzzle, you can re-gift it to somone else . . . and put a special surprise inside. This is a puzzle you can figure out on your own or with others . . .

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