What Images Come To Mind When You Think About Christmas?

Christmas Cards . . . Christmas Cookies, Christmas Lights, Christmas Trees . . . Of course there are the Christmas music and the decorations . . . Candy Canes . . . Reindeer . . . Good Ol’ Santa . . . and I’m sure you thought of many more than I did.

Let’s dive into some fun facts about America and how we celebrate the Christmas Season . . .

Over 3 billion Christmas Cards are sent out each year . . . I wonder how many packages . . . Many of us order online and we send gifts to our friends and family . . . That keeps the U.S. Postal Service busy as well as other delivery service providers.

Since 1850, Christmas Trees have been sold in the United States. And, did you know it takes approximately 15 years to grow the average Christmas tree. Wow! No wonder President Theodore Roosevelt banned Christmas trees from the White House in 1901 — he was an environmentalist. But . . . 35 million live Christmas trees are sold in the U.S. each year . . . approximately 45 million Christmas trees are planted annually — anticipation in keeping the supply available.

Alabama was the first state to officially recognize Christmas in 1836. Oklahoma was the last in 1907. All the rest of the states were someplace inbetween . . . but as citizens, Christmas was being celebrated.

Holiday purchases amount to approximately 1/6 of all annual retail sales . . . That seems a bit low to me given Black Friday and Cyber Monday . . . but we do make purchases throughout the year — I did a major one with the replacement of my heating/air conditioning unit. That dips into the Christmas gift giving budget 🙂

In the song “The Twelve Days Of Christmas” the total number of gifts equals 364. What would one do with all of them — especially the maids-a-milking and the lords-a-leaping . . . I wouldn’t want them hanging around the house . . .

And, speaking of songs, “White Christmas” by Irving Berlin is the best selling single record of all time — It’s a lovely song, but I liked some other ones . . . and then there are some much newer ones that are quite popular . . . Maybe we become more traditional during the holiday season.


Santa Claus Is Based On A Real Person

We could probably do a whole story about Santa, but I’ll keep it rather short — St. Nikolas of Myra. He’s the patron saint of banking, pawn broking, sailing, orphans and New York City.

Interesting little fun fact there.

I hope this was enjoyable and worthwhile for you . . . There were some definite things I learned — I’d like to add to this at some later date. I’m sure there are hundred of fun facts. Feel free to leave me a comment concerning some fun facts you may know.

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