Harlem, NYC

This Amazon Original Series follows four 30-something women in their ups and down with career, life and romance. This comedy is from writer Tracy Oliver. The women’s  careers range from a professor, a tech entrepreneur, a singer and a fashion designer. They are ambitious, stylish and very loyal. 

Amazon has a little caption under the Harlem image in Prime Video “Season 2 Coming Soon” . . . There’s no date announced as yet, but I’m going to wait for it!! The video to the right was posted prior to Amazon’s announcement, but I still believe it is worth viewing — always makes us guess and anticipate what is to come.

I’ve Read The Reviews

It’s a mixed bag . . . you either love it or hate it. I suppose that’s true of everything. But just because one may or not not like a particular character or decisions that character makes, doesn’t make the whole series awful . . . unless it bothers you that much. I don’t know how relatable these women are to others — I don’t know what one expects to see when they watch such a series — I go for the entertainment . . . Was it interesting? Did it keep my attention? Do I really care? Would I have done that? Perhaps we do look for those who may be like ourselves . . . and maybe, it is an escape from our lives and problems . . . You decide for yourself . . . See if Season 1 is worth watching and if you have high hopes for Season 2.

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