I Love Candles — Especially Scented Candles!

110 hours of burn time!! That’s a lot of candle light to enjoy. I especially like these Yankee Candles in a jar because they seem to be much safer than candles out of a jar. I do put these candles well away from objects that could get caught by the flame and I also place it on a heat resistent surface. We also need to be in the room where the candle is lit.

Candles Are Great — Scented Candles Are A Bonus!

With Yankee Candles the scent is not overpowering as has been experienced with other scented candles.

I do like the outdoorsy forest aroma of this candle. It is wonderful for the holidays. 

It truly gives you the feeling of Christmas and winter. I do like the woodsy atmosphere. I find candles to be a bit nostalgic. Back in the olden days when there was no electricity. I can’t imagine reading by candle light, but if that was the only choice . . . 

I like putting candles in my fireplace. It is so much cleaner than burning wood and since I have a huge oak tree in my front yard I want to make sure no fire sparks could escape my fireplace and find its way to my beautiful tree.

I hope you share my passion for candles and will give Yankee Candles a try.

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